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$55K DONATED and RAISED and growing!

Commitment and finding opportunities to serve our community make up our core values. Aline is dedicated to shedding light on philanthropic initiatives and incorporating supporting the Montreal community through real estate and her entrepreneurial endeavours. More than just “dollars” donated, Aline becomes hands-on in her philanthropic ventures by organizing events, volunteering her time and actively amplifying the reach of charities on social platforms.

With many great causes to support, Aline is most passionate about finding ways to support women and children suffering from poverty, domestic violence, food insecurity and more. As a result, Aline has proudly raised over $35,000 for the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation by fundraising through friends, family, and personal and commission-based donations. “Community” is more than just what is important to Aline. She also values what her clients deem as important. The remaining $20,000 has been donated on her client’s behalf to various charities of their choosing. Having raised over $55,000 in only 6 years is a dream and it’s only the beginning!

“My definition of success consists in living a life of purpose and great achievements to uplift our communities and those in need. Real estate is a magnificent vehicle to do just that, and I am passionate about helping as many people as I can”



Your support makes a difference. Support our community’s women and children in need by donating to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation.
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