For real estate investment, commercial projects, concierge and mentoring services, Aline can meet your real estate needs from A to Z.

Focusing on your most critical issues and opportunities within the realm of real estate, Aline will alleviate your workload and guide you toward optimal solutions. Leveraging her vast network and years of business expertise, there is very little we cannot do to complement your real estate investment properties.

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Real Estate Concierge

Acquisitions and dispositions, commercial leasing, off-market opportunities, investment & property optimizations, and so much more for your commercial and residential real estate needs.

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One-on-one, custom mentorship from Aline for commercial real estate brokers looking to elevate their business. With 20+ years of B2B sales experience, get strategic selling and broker advice.

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Commercial Real Estate Expert & Entrepreneur
Real Estate Expert & Entrepreneur

Meet Aline Zafirian

Aline Zafirian personifies the Montreal real estate market. A seasoned real estate broker who joined the industry in 2014, Aline focused on developing strong relationships with investors and revenue generating properties in the Greater Montreal and the Laurentian regions, resulting in her becoming one of Canada’s Top Commercial and Residential Real Estate Brokers, focusing on investors and revenue generating properties.

Now specializing in commercial and investment real estate, Aline becomes her client’s professional problem solver for all things real estate. Ranking in a class of her own with over 20 years of B2B sales experience and a decade of selling commercial and residential real estate are a few impressive milestones in her track record. Aline prides herself in providing each of her clients a tailored service and becoming a close confidant and trusted advisor along the journey. Most importantly, Aline leads by providing value to her clients and goes beyond brokerage to enable them to thrive and achieve their lifelong goals through the vehicle of real estate.

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Award-winning real estate broker

Off-market specialist

Multi-residential expertise

20+ years of sales experience

Aline Zafirian philanthropist, Montreal community


$55,000 Donated

Real Estate is a powerful wealth creator. Aline believes it is an effective vehicle for giving back to our community, which is one of her core values. Aline is dedicated to shedding light on philanthropic initiatives and finding ways to incorporate supporting the Montreal community through real estate and her entrepreneurship. Since 2017, with the help of friends and family and through personal donations, Aline has been able to donate over $55,000 to multiple charities and causes.

Discover more local initiatives and ways you can uplift our community.

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Aline’s outstanding service and impeccable results are fueled by her unparalleled market knowledge, tight-knit relationships, and her ability to provide innovative business solutions for every client. In choosing to work with Aline, you’re choosing a professional that becomes your partner, assuring yourself the support you need to achieve your real estate and lifelong goals!


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