Offering more than just a full suite of real estate services, we are carving our own path and redefining the Montreal real estate market through a comprehensive and holistic approach to servicing our clients.

Who We Are

Passionate entrepreneurs with an extensive background in the worlds of commercial and residential real estate, B2B sales and mentorship.

What We Do

Provide top-tier real estate brokerage, concierge services for investors, and mentorship for commercial real estate brokers looking to reach new heights.

Where We Do It

We work in the Greater Montreal area and the Laurentians of Quebec.

Why We Do It

To help you reach your lifelong goals, build your future and your amazing legacy!

How We Do It

Our approach focuses on building mutually beneficial, long-term relationships while leveraging the vehicle of real estate and building actionable, personalized plans that will set you on the path to reach success, however YOU define it!

Aline Zafirian Montreal real estate, business mentor
Aline’s guiding principles are

With continuous investment in learning and years of building an extensive network, we prioritize providing clients with added value first. We will connect the dots to ensure clients remain on the path to their destined success by finding out-of-the-box, valuable solutions for them.

We do not provide base-level service for our clients. We honour our clients by working with like-minded clientele and accommodating each precise need. Our customer-centric approach has enabled us to create happy, win-win, long-standing client relationships.

We focus on your why and understanding why you are so passionate about building your goals and reaching success. Fueled by our own passion for supporting others to their finish line, we will ensure that your goals are met and are driven by your purpose.

What Our Clients Say


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